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If we surrendered to Earth's intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees. 

-Rainer Marie Rilke-

My offerings help individuals to get more connected with themselves, with their path, with the planet, and the purpose that calls them. 

In these chaotic and distressing times, we are called to live more fully. Living more fully looks like feeling what you feel all the way, doing what you say and saying what you do, and knowing in your bones of your inter-being and belonging to our planetary eco-system and beyond. 

Many people have experienced 'ecological awakenings' through plant medicines or experiences of nature, that leaves them wondering,

What is mine to do?

Working with me is an opportunity to figure that out.


Through one-on-one eco-somatic guidance we explore 

resilience, wholeness, and vision...


With integration support after psychedelic journeys to 

remember your interconnectedness and follow what calls to you...

Let's weave your human purpose and contribution into the healing for the whole with

wonder, synchronicity and surrender...


let's go forth, together. 

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