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Life Transition &
Psychedelic Integration Support

Resilience. Wholeness. Vision.

Wonder. Synchronicity. Surrender.

I coach people who yearn for spiritual orientation and connection to purpose, who aren’t sure what to do in a climate changing world to develop their vision, resilience, and wholeness so that they are living their songlines.


Through specialized Psychedelic Preparation and Integration Support, I work with people who have experienced 'ecological awakenings' through plant medicines, whose experience has motivated activism and care for our planet, but aren't sure how to integrate it into their lives.

If you have had an experience but aren't sure how to weave it into your daily life, received important messages but aren't sure how to act on them - integration coaching might be for you.

I also support individuals who are new and curious to try it out given the 'psychedelic renaissance' that is occurring. I believe in responsible and respectful use and work with people to find the appropriate medicine and experience for them while understanding the political implications and cultural contexts of the medicine that is chosen. 

If you are new to psychedelics and want support choosing the right medicine, preparing for the journey and afterwards, integrating the experience, please reach out. You don't have to navigate this alone!

Please note, I do NOT hold the journeys myself but refer you to trusted practitioners and support you every step of the way.

Develop self-sufficient and regulatory healing practices, earth-based spiritual connection through self-designed, authentic, and appropriate ritual and ceremony, ​and perception to receive guidance from the more than human world. 

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Art by Amanda Sage

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Photography by Harrison Haines

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