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53 years experiencing Life with a strong sense of connection with it, Isabel is an activist and guided networker. Her medicine and offerings come in the form of being a Carrier of Council and a Spiritual Coach. Isabel is a part of the Way of Council Network and has organized, facilitated, and supported council with women inmates at a prison in Portugal, and she holds monthly council with a group of young adults in Lisbon.


She has experience working in production companies as a producer,  post production producer, film director, and photographer.


The most recent 10 years of her life have been dedicated to activism, and finding a lifestyle and path that considers the Earth and all that lives. Her work and life is now dedicated to Youth and the next generations, and is a North Star for her work.


She has recently published a book for children, Sopa de Floresta, and is currently the project manager on a docu-series, Water is Love and an accompanying animation regarding the big water cycle.

Isabel Rosa
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