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Everything I love, taken by the current...

I've always been a vivid dreamer and in the past year, this gift has taken me to many places and brought many messages.

Lately, I've been thinking about climate grief, the sickness/chemicals/misuse of our waters, the impact of human activity on our atmosphere, the death of many species.

I was talking with friends last night about this grief, remembering we are in a time of mass extinction. That we as a species can feel it... we do feel it... and it might be subtle. We might wonder why we are moody about this or that, or depressed and anxious.

When I drop into these moods when they come along and I ask what is really underneath, I recognize this feeling of ambiguous loss...

That there is something I don't experience everyday: the regality of an elephant, the play of the hippopotamus, the intelligence of a dolphin... and the understanding that their days are numbered in existence because of the planetary situation. And I mourn this...

And I dreamt this... just last night...

I am awash in a dark, raging river. The sky and waters are dark and other animals are being taken along with me. Elephants, rhinoceros, hippos, big cats...

This is the end.

I find myself on a concrete platform gripping onto a bar, in extreme grief, keening, heaving, we are losing everything.

Everything we never knew we had.

I am then holding another person, crying, wishing that they could save me, save all of us... "DO SOMETHING", I cry out. But they too, are taken out of my grasp by the current.

I know it is impossible at this point to doing anything to stop it and all I can do is sob heavily in anguish.

Everything I love, taken by the current.

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