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Reuniting with the Sacred

Perceive me, she vibrates all around...

Through the sunlight, in the chlorophyll, and the movements of the trees mirrored in the sweet water, in the chorus of the crickets I can feel in my bones.

Witness me, he cries. Seeding that which yearns to be born at our doorstep, the wind dancing with my hair, cooling my body, and reaching into my heart - I am seduced.

Like a lover lost long ago, reuniting with a common cause of creation, we meet again.

Overwhelmed by both grief and gratitude, pulled to my knees, blinded by tears.

Yet I perceive it all more clearly. My desire is ripe, my heart is ready. In wanting.

Even in my confusion about why we separated in the first place.

and not wanting to care.

Only to embrace the sweetness of the sacred. Of meeting again.


It is not only a lover I speak of but the divine. We have lost contact with what some perceive as God/Goddess, the Sacred... But when we open our hearts to perceiving the sacred, it is everywhere. And there is something in seeing this, and having been without that touch that brings great grief, overwhelming gratitude, and deep pleasure.

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