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Dear Creator,

Thank you for this life. I awake this morning with an abundance of what I am grateful for. I arise to beautiful clouds and air full of water surrounding me - filling me with magic and awe that I am in such a fantastical place. That I have eyes to see it all with and a hear that is open to receive other life. I am grateful for the beautiful food, delicious and simple and joyful to eat when I am hungry. I am grateful that I have so much to eat everyday and that I have a choice to. I am grateful that I have a place to sleep even when I am not "home" - that I am always arm when I want to be and can cool down when I need. I am a lucky human that I can choose comfort.

I am grateful for this opportunity to be in ceremony and prayer. That I am held by practiced spiritual guides and the team so that I can deepen in my self-awareness and process so that I may show up in my participation truthfully, open, and available for what lies ahead for us as a collective body. I give thanks to this land, its beauty, its healing, for the animals who make home here, for being seen, for loving and loving back, that it receive the rain so graciously and that it has received me also.

I am grateful for all the opportunities to practice love. Not only sharing mine, but receiving it. I have a felt a few special moments where I truly feel loved and held without question. Thank you for the opportunities to receive love in a way that I don't question it. Thank you for teaching me what trust feels like and for the opportunity to be witnessed.

Thank you for the visions of my ancestors. I see where my lineage was disconnected from our deep relationship with the Earth and I can see why I hesitate to bring forth this knowledge, to bring it back. I see that reclaiming this part of what is mine to do. To study Celtic song, to visit my motherlands, to listen to stories, wisdom and the history that took it away. I commit to learning, to knowing where the separation took place and to decolonize myself by reconnecting with the ways of my ancestors. Thank you, creator, for this healing.

Thank you for showing me that I am a part of the world at large. That I received this information of the possibility of global healing so young so that my life can serve it. And thank you that I have so many options in which to direct my power for this aim. I ask for guidance and clarity of my next step, knowing that it is unfolding in the inherent and divine design that will manifest through me. I ask for this information to come forth from a sober and healed place, and not from my wounds and ego structure.

Thank you for the existentially of these moments - where there is nothing and yet everything is possible at once.

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