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Pre-Vision Time: Where do I go from here?

"Approaching a time of opening ourselves up to receiving information from the universe, to receiving visions about our lives, our interconnectedness, of asking "what is mine to do in this world?", of asking to be reminded what is mine when it is so easy to forget with the overwhelming situation of the world - brings an existential frequency to the whole and the question of not knowing always comes. It depends on our readiness of entering this frequency and listening to the response of our surroundings"

I feel uncertain about my future.


"Where do I go from here?"

In the dance of Autumn

cool winds lead the falling leaves to the ground

and bury me in the Earth as it turns

I let go and

I let myself fall into the stillness of the winters of my homelands

Yet I feel home

in the circle of the lost children of lost children.

Not knowing where to be - whats to be done.

I freeze. Not knowing how, in the immensity of possibility

with the struggle of our worldly wounds

to move my life towards its complete and beautiful blossoming.

The Spring feels so far away.


I want to trust enough to let go. I want to trust in the arc of the process. I want to trust the process. And I want to trust myself and everyone else, which means I have to share what is true for me, and in this, I become trustworthy.

I cannot be supported or embedded if I am hiding something from others, if I stay privatized with my issues of belonging, money, my trauma.

So my intention for this vision time is to be more honest with myself. And I enter with an openness to receive information about me and beyond me that is in service to the path of community and the emergence of healing.

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